Dear Heart-Based Parents and Educators,

Have your children lost the joy of learning? Are you wondering how you can prepare children and students for a future that holds unknown challenges and opportunities? Are you inspired by the conscious parenting movement and seeking alternatives to the traditional school system?

New Learning Culture (NLC) founder, Carmen Gamper provides consulting for “child-directed learning” and “non-invasive teaching”, which form the foundation of the NLC approach. This approach is made to keep the joy of learning and teaching alive through all the school years.

Discover a set of effective, child-friendly tools that allow adults to genuinely support children on their path as self-directed learners, solution-finders, creative thinkers, and resourceful team-players capable of adapting to life’s many changes. Enjoy the video to meet Carmen and find out more:

The NLC approach is based on a proven educational model currently used in over 200 progressive schools across Europe, from preschool to high school.
It is rooted in children’s genuine needs and includes the most child-friendly practices from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, democratic education, mindfulness, and other progressive techniques. This approach helps create inspiring learning environments that allow for joyful, co-creative experiences for children, and adults.

NLC Consulting provides solutions for parents, homeschooling parents, teachers & school communities, if:

• You would like to resourcefully support children and students and become an advocate for their needs

• You are aware of children’s natural zest for learning but are concerned about allowing more freedom

• You seek an educational approach that allows everyone involved to be creative, serene, and playful while developing academic excellence

• You want to bring joy back into learning and teaching, and co-create dynamic, heart-centered connections with your students and children

Carmen offers personal consulting and a series of live online courses which explain the customizable NLC template for offering child-directed learning and non-invasive teaching at home and school. Everyone who works with children benefits from these courses, because individual components can be used to nurture children in any environment.

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Homeschooling Children Ages 3 – 5 
Homeschooling Children Ages 6 – 10
The NLC Model in Preschools
The NLC Model in Elementary and Middle Schools

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~ At NLC we focus on changing the environment, not the child. ~
~ NLC students learn that there is always a choice. ~
~ Teaching is not about a perfect presentation; it's about tuning into students' needs ~
~ Teaching includes providing an inspiring environment where students can explore on their own. ~
~ Children love learning when they feel safe, and their choices are respected. ~