Are you seeking alternatives to the traditional education system? New Learning Culture Consulting provides solutions and consulting for educators and parents who would like to create or are part of alternative, progressive, child-centered schools, and/or student-led schools and learning communities, preschool, elementary, middle and, high school (Pre-K-12).

 The New Learning Culture (NLC) model is based on the genuine needs of 21st century learners. This blueprint provides all the essential components required in successful child-directed learning environments.

Carmen Gamper is part of a growing movement of European alternative schools, inspired by Rebeca Wild’s child-centered educational model. Over the last twenty years, educators and parents have founded over 200 schools in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain (pre/k-12) that profoundly respect the genuine needs of children. In thoroughly prepared hands-on play and learning environments, children may move freely, and rest, play or work with inviting, hands-on learning tools for all school subjects and beyond the traditional curriculum. Adult learning companions are present with loving attention and offer activity circles, opt-in lessons and more.

The NLC model was developed by Carmen Gamper in order to enrich the European version and make it easily replicable and adaptable to educators and parents in the US and internationally.  The NLC model includes elements from Rebeca Wild, Maria Montessori, the Waldorf approach, the Reggio Emilia model, democratic education and free schools, forest kindergarten, permaculture, mindfulness in education and more.

Ms. Gamper offers consulting and online courses which explain the customizable NLC school model. Anyone who works with children benefits from these courses, because individual components can be used to nurture children in any environment.

You can click below to view upcoming live online course programs:
The NLC Model in Preschools
The NLC Model in Elementary and Middle Schools

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~ At NLC we focus on changing the environment, not the child. ~
~ NLC students learn that there is always a choice. ~
~ Teaching is not about a perfect presentation; it's about tuning into students' needs ~
~ Teaching includes providing an inspiring environment where students can explore on their own. ~
~ Children love learning when they feel safe, and their choices are respected. ~
~ HOW we teach is equally important to WHAT we teach. ~