The New Learning Culture (NLC)  school model is an innovative, heart-based template for creating thriving learning centers for Preschool, K through 8 and High School.

The NLC school model contains all the essential components required for successfully providing the freedom of child-directed learning within a safe structure.

The NLC model takes the Montessori method to the next level, drawing from the most child-friendly practices throughout history and including elements from Rebeca Wild,  Waldorf Education, the Reggio Emilia Model, Democratic Education, the Council Tradition, the Forest Kindergarten, Wilderness Education, Permaculture, Non-Directive Play Therapy, Mindfulness in Education and more.

For teachers, –called “learning companions”– the NLC model offers ways to greater awareness of their own inner child in connection to their students as well as strategies to meet their own genuine needs in education environments.

–Gratitude to the thousands of education pioneers throughout Europe and worldwide–
Over the last thirty years, inspired by Rebeca and Mauricio Wild, thousands of European educators and parents have created innovative schools (Pre/K-12) that profoundly respect the genuine needs of children. Carmen Gamper has been part of this growing movement as a teacher, school director and consultant.
In order to make it easily replicable and adaptable to educators and parents in the US and internationally, Carmen Gamper enriched the European version and developed the New Learning Culture (NLC) school model.

The NLC approach allows children to follow their inner learning guidance thereby enabling them to remain connected to who they are. At NLC-based schools, children are nurtured on all levels so they can develop holistic intelligence that includes kindness, creativity, self-confidence, curiosity as well as excellent academic skills. In thoroughly prepared hands-on play and learning environments, learners move freely, rest, play or work with hands-on learning materials for all school subjects and beyond the traditional curriculum. Teachers, a.k.a. learning companions are present with loving attention and offer mentoring, activity circles, opt-in lessons and more.

Ms. Gamper offers consulting and online courses which explain the customizable NLC school model. Anyone who works with children benefits from the NLC approach, because individual components can be used to nurture children in any environment.

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"Carmen is exploring what this next generation of children really needs: complete faith in their capabilities and environments that nourish true, authentic learning with joy."— Vicki Abrams Mother, Director of the Childbirth & Yoga Programs at the Chopra Center
"Carmen is bringing Montessori education to the next level."— Lynn Twist, Mother, Founder of The Pachamama Alliance
"I feel very inspired and motivated by Carmen's style of teaching. Her concrete examples have a deep impact on my work with children."— N. N.
,Teacher at Building Kidz, San Mateo, CA, US
"What a great introduction! I want more! I came very closed, but Carmen's talk opened my mind. Thank you!"— Nancy Iannone, 
Teacher Methodist Preschool of Pacific Palisades
, Los Angeles, CA, US