The New Learning Culture™ (NLC)  School Model is an innovative, heart-based template for offering new, inspiring ways to teach and learn in Preschool, K through 8 and High School.

School can be so much more than what we traditionally know as “school.” At hundreds of schools in Europe and in America, school is a place where not only so-called “academic skills” but also genuine needs –grow, play and nurture– are honored.

This phenomenon—school as a joyful learning center— inspired Carmen Gamper to become a teacher, co-creator, and director in innovative, alternative schools in Italy and in Austria.

Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Carmen brings her experience of developing her New Learning Culture school model to share here, in the USA and internationally.

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"Carmen is exploring what this next generation of children really needs: complete faith in their capabilities and environments that nourish true, authentic learning with joy."— Vicki Abrams Mother, Director of the Childbirth & Yoga Programs at the Chopra Center
"Carmen is bringing Montessori education to the next level."— Lynn Twist, Mother, Founder of The Pachamama Alliance
"I feel very inspired and motivated by Carmen's style of teaching. Her concrete examples have a deep impact on my work with children."— N. N.
,Teacher at Building Kidz, San Mateo, CA, US
"What a great introduction! I want more! I came very closed, but Carmen's talk opened my mind. Thank you!"— Nancy Iannone, 
Teacher Methodist Preschool of Pacific Palisades
, Los Angeles, CA, US