“When human beings feel safe and protected, the intelligence of love can develop naturally."

— Carmen Gamper
New Learning Culture Founder


New Learning Culture has developed in support of a worldwide movement for child-centered education based on Unconditional Love and Compassionate Communication.

"New Learning Culture" is committed to sharing practical tools and suggestions for teachers and parents to put unconditional love and compassionate communication into practice in daily life with children.

1) Allow children free choice within healthy boundaries: Cultivate 'Inspired Self-Directed Learning' to make this successful.

2) Try to respect and fulfill genuine basic needs:
As children often do not yet have the rhetorical skills to communicate their personal needs, adults need to cultivate their observational skills and knowledge of developmental stages in order to learn to honor children's genuine needs.

The Ethics of a New Learning Culture can be summed up like this:

1) Human beings need to be witnessed and lovingly observed. Loving attention is a catalyst for learning.

2) Everybody has a Sacred Child within. The way we treat the children around us and the way we treat ourselves is directly connected.

3) Childhood is the time when we learn how to take care of personal genuine needs. Empathy can be naturally developed over time when basic personal needs are fulfilled.

4) Enjoying freedom within safe boundaries is the foundation of healthy individual development and teamwork.

5) There is supreme, heart-and-body based intelligence in spontaneous activities and in organic development, an 'internal learning guidance'.

6) Every relationship and every place need appropriate boundaries, which guarantee safety and facilitate respectful relationships.

7) Environments need to be adjusted to the genuine needs and interests of the human beings using them.

8) Intentionally created, functional beautiful environments shape the attitude and the activities of the people using them, and they facilitate and inspire natural learning processes of all kinds, practical and academic.

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