"Carmen presented parents and teachers with exactly what we needed most: concrete suggestions and practical support for the bigger and smaller problems that a school encounters."

— Sybille Tezzele-Kramer
Alternative School Founder

"After our phone consultation I felt empowered to move forward in the direction of reclaiming my son's education and future. I'm inspired on may different levels to reach into what are his individual needs...emotional, spiritual, social, academic, and more, to help him actualize his own potential and love for learning. Thank you so much. I look forward to talking again and following your great work."

— Dabney Griggs
Mother, Santa Cruz


Workshops and Consulting For Educators and Parents Pre/K-8

Choose from the topics below for consulting & workshops:

Learn Non-Invasive Teaching Skills:
Learn to facilitate self-motivated and self-directed learning and use a variety of non-invasive teaching methods which allow for self-correction, self-improvement, personal creativity and solution-finding.

Learn how to Make Free Play Naturally Educational:
Learn to be a catalyst for the educational and healing forces of free and pretend play.
Provide Hands-on Learning Materials:
Learn where to buy, how to craft, and how to use hands-on learning materials from Montessori, Froebel, Steiner, Wild, Nikitin and others to teach math, language, spatial thinking and science.

Enrich or Create Child-Directed Learning Environments:
Carmen Gamper can help you create custom learning environments for math, language, arts and crafts, educational pretend play and practical skill development.

Co-create a Rich Field for Learning by Defining Healthy Boundaries:
Find out how you can communicate boundaries efficiently and respectfully. Explore alternatives to punishment and reward-methods.



B) Phone and In-Person Consultations 
$150 / hr

C) 3hr Group Workshop (up to 7 people) on  a Topic of Your Choice

D) Package "BRINGING YOUR SCHOOL TO THE NEXT LEVEL: How to successfully offer Child-Directed Learning and Non-Invasive Teaching"
Carmen will travel to your school.
Please request a proposal.

E) Family Package (SF Bay Area)
– A consultation per phone or in person
– Enriching the home environment: One afternoon to help you prepare a well-structured, inspiring child-directed learning environment
$ 400

F) Workshops outside the S.F. Bay Area
Please request a proposal per e-mail. Carmen travels regularly to Europe (Italy, Austria), Mexico, and throughout the US.

Contact : Carmen@NewLearningCulture.com


Consulting is beneficial for...

• Alternative School Founders who want work within a proven template for child-directed, hands-on learning.

Home-Schooling Parents who want to provide joyful, effortless learning experiences.

• Home-Schooling COOPs who want to boost self-motivated learning.

Reggio-Emilia, Montessori and Waldorf Preschools, Pre/K-8 who specialize in intentional child-directed learning and free play.

Waldorf-Schools Pre/K-8 who want to offer Montessori and other hands-on learning materials and periods for child-directed learning.

Montessori-Schools Pre/K-8 who want to offer additional learning and healing opportunities through imaginative and pretend play, and art studios inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

Staff of After-School Programs who would like to make free play educational, and give home-work help with hands-on learning materials.

Parents who would love to offer their children enriched learning opportunities, home-work help, and more independence.

Child Care Professionals, (Nurses, Nannies, Babysitters) who tend to the basic needs of children.

Family Vacation Resorts that offer high-quality Kid's-programs.

Medical Professionals who work with children such as pediatricians and psychologists providing therapeutic environments for children.


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