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Book Release – Flow To Learn: A Parent’s Guide

After two years of full-time writing, closely collaborating with a stellar on-the-job-trained parenting expert, several editors, and a delightful book illustrator, Sybille Kramer, my first book is finally available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingrams as print and eBook.

FLOW TO LEARN: A 52-Week Parent’s Guide to Recognize and Support Your Child’s Flow State –the Optimal Condition for Learning.

Flow To Learn is an uplifting, illustrated parent’s guide offering 52 weeks filled with practical suggestions and compassionate insights for creating independent play and learning opportunities for children at home.
Using practical, evidence-based tools from the fields of child development, psychology, and child-centered education, readers are guided step-by-step through the creation of simple hands-on activity stations that boost children’s love for learning. In these prepared environments, children naturally experience flow, the deeply focused, fulfilling state scientifically proven to be the optimal condition for learning.
Creating flow-friendly learning opportunities at home frees up parents’ time while strengthening children with spaces that support their inherent talents, creativity, and wide-ranging intelligence.

Flow To Learn also helps parents see children as guides to accessing their own flow states, which brings more joy and purpose into life, and also helps develop a deeper understanding of and relationship with their child.

Each of the 52 weeks/chapters is divided into two parts. First, reflections and information about flow are shared. This is followed by practical suggestions, “TRY THIS,” on how to facilitate flow in life with children. Some weeks include authentic, inspiring, and encouraging insights from a mother who incorporates the flow-parenting approach with her family.

When adults allow children to be in flow, they provide access to the child’s potential of mastery. Proficiency takes more than thinking, reading, hearing about, or just wanting something. Advanced skill levels take practice, and the most powerful, effective practice is done during activities that children choose for themselves.

Flow To Learn helps parents to..

✩ Support the flow state in children to help them grow and thrive.

✩ Create a home, a sanctuary, where you and your children love to spend time, find fulfilling activities, and can replenish from school and work.

✩ Create spaces and choose toys and learning materials that help children drop into flow states.

✩ Debunk current myths in education, including the overuse of rewards and the erroneous expectations of academic rigor in early grades.

✩ Help children process their time at school and other potentially stressful experiences with tension-release supports.

✩ Nurture mutual respect between you and your child.

✩ Reinvigorate your own life with flow experiences.

NLC Online Kurs in Deutsch

Grundlagen für eine Neue Lernkultur

Online-Lehrgang in 14 Live-Treffen für LernbegeiterInnen und Eltern  Volkschule und Mittelschule
Sommer 2016

Der Online-Lehrgang “Grundlagen für eine neue Lernkultur” bietet eine Einführung in das New Learning Culture (NLC) Schulmodell, bei dem Kinder autonom lernen dürfen und dabei liebevoll und entwicklungsgemäß von Erwachsenen begleitet werden. Dieses Bildungsmodell beruht auf Maria Montessoris Originalschriften und Rebeca Wilds kindzentriertem Ansatz, der derzeit in mehr als 200 Alternativeschulen in Europa verwendet wird. Vor allem aber beruht der NLC-Ansatz auf den tatsächlichen Bedürfnisse von Kindern, LernbegleiterInnen und Eltern.

Die Teilnehmer lernen wie man Kinder auf ihrem Weg als autonome Lerner begleiten kann, und gesunde Grenzen setzen kann und wie man die natürliche Entwicklung der Kindern mit vorbereiteten Umgebungen, Lernmaterialien, sowie “non-invasive teaching” unterstützen kann. Die Ausbildung beeinhaltet auch kinderfreundliche Elemente aus dem Bereich der Reformpädagogik (Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Waldkindergarten und andere Erziehungsansätze), und einfache Erkenntnisse aus nicht-direktiver Spieltherapie nach Virginia Axline, Bindungstheorie, sozialer Intelligenz und achtsamer Kommunikation.

Jeder von uns kann Kindern einzigartige Gaben bieten. Der NLC Online-Lehrgang befähigt TeilnehmerInnen eine breite Palette von Hilfsmitteln zu verwenden um Kindern authentisch, respektvoll und wirkungsvoll begleiten zu können.

Klicke hier um das detailliertes Kursprogramm zu sehen
Kursdaten: Montags – 1 Stunde  vom 20. Juni bis 12. September
Kursaufzeichnung wird gleich nach jedem Webinar als mp3 zugeschickt
Kursbeitrag Euro 650




Consulting a Public Montessori Middle School in Northern Italy

This spring I had the honor and fun to give a few workshops at an Italian Public Montessori Middle School in Northern Italy. Together we found additional, effective ways to include more Montessori, child-directed elements into their current curriculum.

Mittelschule Schlanders

We introduced Peace Tables in each classroom to give students a proven structure to solve their problems peacefully. We brushed up the weekly classroom meetings with meaningful rituals to help create a space where “talking from the heart” is welcome. We introduced the native American talking stick, and fun beginning and ending circle rituals such as clapping rhythms and making silly faces!


I shared how to offer simple fun physical exercises that connect right and left brain, and help students think better and be more focused. I also shared Superbrain Yoga, a powerful simple exercise that improves mental capacity and overall health.

MCKS Superbrain Yoga

Here’s what one of the teachers, Daniela Cappellano, said (translated from Italian): “The workshops were very interesting, most of all because I learned practical techniques that I can use to resolve conflicts, and others that help my students concentrate and use their own energies in efficient ways.”

Froebel USA 2012 International Conference August 4–5

Join us in San Francisco this August for a 2-day hands-on immersion into the original early childhood methods of Friedrich Froebel, inventor of Kindergarten. Registration fee includes catered lunch both days, plus beverage and snacks morning/afternoon. Presenters include co-host Carmen Gamper, Scott Bultman, Stacey Wellman, John Reynolds, Bruce Rawles, Finella Scholtz, Tiffeni Goesel, Bradford Hansen-Smith, and others.

The focus of this year’s conference is using the Froebel Gifts & Occupation materials with children in a modern setting (in classroom/homeschool and other environments). The content of the workshops will involve practical aspects of Gift Play, connections to the Occupations activities, the modern day use of the Mother Songs and movement games, as well as gardening and nature education. Attendees will work with experienced Froebel teachers and have many opportunities to play themselves. There will be many opportunities for networking and social interaction with other Froebelians.

Who should attend? This conference is aimed at a diverse and multidisciplinary audience, including art educators, math teachers, homeschooling parents, early childhood professors and practitioners, educational historians, and others. Attendance is extremely limited and early registration is encouraged.

The conference venue is the South San Francisco Conference Center, located close to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) with easy access to mass transit. You are welcome to use the New Learning Culture promo code to receive a $100 discount: NLCFUSA2012

Montessori and Waldorf in Common Ground Magazine

New Learning Culture Consulting collaborated with another inspired teacher to merge the Waldorf and Montessori approaches: Elizabeth Sidon, a Waldorf-trained teacher and co-editor of Common Ground Magazine, is founder of the “Elephant’s Garden”, a Waldorf-based preschool which includes elements from Montessori education. In addition to the beautiful Waldorf environment, children find first reading and counting teaching toys made of nature-materials and hands-on Montessori materials.

Together, we wrote an article for Common Ground Magazine. Our intention is to inspire educators towards using and providing tools and wisdom from both, Montessori and Waldorf.

VIEW / DOWNLOAD HERE: CommonGround-NLCarticle-download

Educators and Parents, you can help bring your school to the next level, too! Invite New Learning Culture Consulting to your school, for support, consulting and workshops.

Home-schooling parents benefit from all tools available! We love to support parental groups! Get in touch!

Our workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With joy,
Carmen Gamper & Team

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