Learning and teaching math can be very stressful for adults and children alike; but playing with Montessori materials brings the joy and fun back to math while revealing its magic!

When using hands-on learning materials children will be able to use math as a tool in their daily lives rather than experiencing it as an abstract world on paper.

I provide all the hands-on materials and intelligent toys needed to show your child the beauty and order of basic math. After an initial assessment, I will work with your child to fill in any gaps of knowledge and help establish the thought patterns and connections needed for all advanced math concepts.

Optional bonus: You are welcome to assist the tutoring sessions to witness Carmen’s way of teaching, so you can continue to offer “non-invasive teaching” with hands-on learning materials.
Carmen will also help you choose appropriate hands-on learning materials for your home.

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Please contact me per email to schedule a free phone introduction, and for all other inquiries.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping your child to LOVE math!

Carmen Gamper

PS: This service is available only in the San Francisco Bay Area.