What clients say:

Our work with Carmen was meaningful and important. It provided us the opportunity to reflect on our teaching practices, routines, and environments. Carmen gently, expertly, and in a spirit of positivity, guided us as we thought about the what, why and how of what we do and as we developed ideas about what we could change and improve on. It was a wonderful and important way to get the new school year under way!
— Luisa Donati, director, Cassidy Preschool, Los Angeles, CA

Our greatest blessing was to meet Carmen Gamper. She presented us parents and teachers with exactly what we needed most: concrete suggestions and practical support for the bigger and smaller problems that a school encounters.”
— Sybille Kramer, Montessori school teacher, Italy

“Carmen’s staff training was one of the most informative, enlightened and fun that I have encountered. As Director of an infant center/preschool, it re-opened my eyes to ways of incorporating play into our academic/transition-based program. I truly believe all teachers will benefit from Carmen’s ideas.”
— Nora Napier, director Building Kidz Preschool, Pacifica, CA

“Carmen, thank you for the indispensable information you gave to us. In a very simple and direct way, you were very efficient. I hope we can have more workshops with you in the future.”
— Vincenzo Muro, teacher, Parliamo Italiano Preschool, San Rafael, CA

“Carmen’s workshop was so much fun and very educational for me. I loved it! The way Carmen presented Maria Montessori’s philosophy gave me that ‘Aha-moment’. The structure I learnt gives me freedom for my work with the children.”
— Rita Coye, teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“The work with Carmen is helping me to collaborate with my co-teachers more joyfully and efficiently”
— Joanna Siegel, teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to say thank you for the NLC Online Course! It’s worth every penny!”
— Patricia Lutke, learning specialist, Berkeley, CA

“In the NLC Course I gained the courage and skills to follow my family’s dream for education and participate in the co-creation of our homeschool co-op. We’ve spent the last year weaving together very satisfying and rich learning days for myself, my daughter, and other families in town. Thank you so much Carmen!”
— June McCroy, homeschooling mother, Pt. Reyes, CA

“As a Montessori teacher, I mistakenly thought I had a firm grasp of what holistic, child-centered education looked like. But Carmen has blown my mind and heart wide open, and I now have a much deeper understanding of how to truly serve children. I AM SO GRATEFUL for this transformation.
— Cristan Norman, Mother and Montessori teacher, Redding, CA

“Taking the NLC Training gave me great confidence in my work with homeschooling families. During the training, we really delved into the true needs of the child and how to teach in a way that respects these needs. I was inspired to make changes in the way I organized classes. I felt for the first time a confidence that I could hold healthy boundaries while allowing wider choices to students, and this year I have experienced less stress and more creativity in my classroom work.”
— Elvira Blaine Paoletti, Mother and Founder Synthesis Parenting, CA

“I highly encourage parents and educators to take the NLC Course and discover the new parenting and teaching paradigm of the 21st century. This was a complete course for me. It was truly a blessing to learn this material and put it into practice with my child and other children. Thank you, Carmen!”
— Nancy Chavarria, Mother, CA

Since 2009, Carmen has worked as a consultant, workshop leader, and speaker in the US, Europe, and Mexico. Below is a sample of past and current clients, workshop and speaking engagements:

– Cassidy Preschool, Los Angeles, CA
– SAGE: Source for the Awakened Generation’s Education, Berkeley, CA
– Capay Discovery Center, Davis, CA
– The Jewish Montessori, Los Angeles, CA
– Public Montessori Middle School, Italy
– The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival, Mexico
– Mindful Education Institute, US
– Gazebo Park School, Esalen, Big Sur, CA
– San Anselmo Montessori School, San Anselmo, CA
– Harmony Montessori, Mill Valley, CA
– Montessori Family School, Berkeley, CA
– Methodist Preschool of Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA
– Building Kidz Preschool, San Mateo, CA
– Parliamo Italiano Preschool, San Rafael, CA
– Transformative Education Forum (TEF), Co-chair and Member of Content Committee
– Marin Homeschoolers, CA
– Pediatrics Alternatives, Mill Valley, CA
– California Home Schooling Conference, CA
– Yuri’s Night, NASA Research Center, Mountain View, CA
– Green Kids Conference, Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, Mountain View, CA
– Green Festival, San Francisco, CA
– Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA
– Circle Center, Fairfax, CA