This spring I had the honor and fun to give a few workshops at an Italian Public Montessori Middle School in Northern Italy. Together we found additional, effective ways to include more Montessori, child-directed elements into their current curriculum.

Mittelschule Schlanders

We introduced Peace Tables in each classroom to give students a proven structure to solve their problems peacefully. We brushed up the weekly classroom meetings with meaningful rituals to help create a space where “talking from the heart” is welcome. We introduced the native American talking stick, and fun beginning and ending circle rituals such as clapping rhythms and making silly faces!


I shared how to offer simple fun physical exercises that connect right and left brain, and help students think better and be more focused. I also shared Superbrain Yoga, a powerful simple exercise that improves mental capacity and overall health.

MCKS Superbrain Yoga

Here’s what one of the teachers, Daniela Cappellano, said (translated from Italian): “The workshops were very interesting, most of all because I learned practical techniques that I can use to resolve conflicts, and others that help my students concentrate and use their own energies in efficient ways.”