Children learn from their environments: The environment is a teacher – design it intentionally. You can put toys and simple art supplies on lower shelves, at children’s height. Useful toys are building blocks, with nature materials (seashells, pebbles, acorns…), miniature animals, cars, legos, marbles, dolls etc. Simple art supplies should include paper in various colors, pencils, washable paint, cardboard in various sizes, child-proof scissors, glue, buttons, needles and thread, wool, etc.

Offer hands-on learning materials: Children at preschool and grade school-age can learn practical skills (fine and gross motor skills, sensorial skills) and academic skills (math, geometry, algebra, language skills, grammar and more) almost effortlessly
and playfully with specialized manipulatives. Learn about materials and teaching skills developed by Montessori,
Steiner/Waldorf, ReggioEmilia, Froebel, Boris and Lena Nikitin, Elfriede Hengstenberg, Claus-Dieter Kaul, Rebeca and Mauricio Wild and others. ON the photo you see the social studies room of a Rebeca Wild based (RWB) school in Italy:

Be a Learning Companion: A parent’s and teacher’s genuine
interest in the child’s activity is a catalyst for learning. Spend
time together in timelessness, and give loving attention. Learn to develop your observation skills: How to observe respectfully?
What is important to notice?

Fulfill Basic Genuine Needs: Children need movement, hydration (water-drinking), play, opportunities to make choices, and timelessness in order to activate their inner learning guidance. Find ways to fulfill children’s genuine needs while honoring your own needs.

Set Healthy Boundaries: Children need the safety of consistent boundaries. Learn how to set and maintain boundaries gently and firmly. Learn how to accompany conflicts between children and help them find their own solutions.

Use “Non-Invasive Teaching”-Methods: Guided lessons are based on non-invasive communication and the respect for the child’s free will in regard to their personal learning process.