DIY Montessori Cut-Out Numerals and Counters

This is a Montessori-material to comprehend the distinction between even and odd numbers.

For schools I would suggest purchasing from It is made of beautiful hard wood resistant for being used by many children. However, teachers can also create this material with the children.

On this picture you see the material purchased at for $ 9.00. It’s resistant enough for private use.

The DIY version cost about $2.00, and it was a lot of fun creating!

Get 45 of the same counters. I got small red buttons. You could also get seashells, pebbles, berries, cookies, blocks, leaves, flower petals etc. Then your material wouldn’t cost money at all!

Draw the numbers from 0 to 9 on beautiful colored cardboard, and cut them.

You can set your material up as you are crafting:

I usually show children the numbers from 0-9 with this material as opposed to classic Montessori teachers, who usually show the numbers from 1-10 with this material. I find, that zero is as important as other numbers and this material is perfect for (not) showing it.

When you cut-out numbers, children get the opportunity to see also the mirror-image of the numerals.

Before using the cut-out numerals, it is useful to show children the numerals sticking to a surface. You can use cardboard squares and glue on them numerals made of felt, sandpaper or velvet. Children can trace them with their fingers, and also try to recognize them blindfolded.

Enjoy the process,
Best, Carmen