Fostering Mindfulness in the Classroom with Hands-on Learning Materials

Mindfulness in the classroom can be achieved by offering work with hands-on learning materials. The movement for mindfulness in education enhances the student’s ability to relax and pay attention through meditative exercises. Utilizing a great variety of hands-on learning materials in classrooms is a practical extension to meditative exercises. It’s another way to help students concentrate on their thoughts and activities.

Children achieve mindfulness almost effortlessly when they get the opportunity to interact with a material that speaks to their natural ability to play and explore. The materials enable students to work at their own pace and choose various degrees of difficulty for themselves.

Materials can be offered for child-directed learning or to support teacher-guided lessons. The materials give teachers an opportunity to include play and exploration while acting in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum. Children can touch and play with math (the decimal system, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square-roots, fractions, geometry, algebra …), language (vocabulary, phonetics, semantics, grammar: parts of speech, parts of sentence, composition…), biology, physics, history, geography and more.
Almost all topics of the curriculum can be taught with hands-on learning materials, as most lessons are basically abstractions of the world around us. Children understand ‘abstract’ concepts immediately, when they are not so abstract anymore!

The Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Marin, Ca.) invited New Learning Culture’s mobile learning center to offer mediation practitioners, mostly parents and teachers, an introduction to the infinite possibilities of achieving mindfulness with hands-on learning materials. I will let you know when the learning center will be there again!

Please contact me if you would like to know more!
With joy,
Carmen Gamper

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  1. Mindfulness111

    What a wonderful idea to get students started with mindfulness at an early age.