Friedrich Froebel – Grandfather of New Learning Culture

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852), the inventor of kindergarten, is one of New Learning Culture’s “grandfathers”. In a time when children were treated incredibly poorly, he recognized the child’s natural intelligence and innocence.

He invented the Kindergarten and did groundbreaking work to help children grow with joy and ease. He developed a series of teaching toys, the Froebel Gifts, which were enthusiastically used by Buckminster Fuller.

He left us with truly inspirational texts which are as valid today as they were over hundred fifty years ago. To quote Friedrich Froebel:

“The mind grows by self revelation. In play the child ascertains what he can do, discovers his possibilities of will and thought by exerting his power spontaneously. In work he follows a task prescribed for him by another, and does not reveal his own proclivities and inclinations — but another’s. In play he reveals his own original power.”

Excerpt from “The Froebel Kindergarten Philosophy” by Scott Bultman, Founder Froebel USA

– Humans are creative beings.

– Play is the engine that drives true learning.

– Children can only learn what they are ready to learn.

– Education means to “lead someone to knowledge.”

– Kindergarten is meant to be a prepared environment.

– Activities are a window into a child’s inner world.

– Mathematical work is not just for instruction, it also emphasizes order.

– Teaching should always be joyful, fun and easy.

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You can see and order the Froebel Gifts at WWW.FROEBELUSA.COM

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We are planning to organize the next Froebel Conference (2011) here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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    The FROEBEL Conference date is set: August 4 and 5 in San Francisco

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    where and when is the next conference?