Join us in San Francisco this August for a 2-day hands-on immersion into the original early childhood methods of Friedrich Froebel, inventor of Kindergarten. Registration fee includes catered lunch both days, plus beverage and snacks morning/afternoon. Presenters include co-host Carmen Gamper, Scott Bultman, Stacey Wellman, John Reynolds, Bruce Rawles, Finella Scholtz, Tiffeni Goesel, Bradford Hansen-Smith, and others.

The focus of this year’s conference is using the Froebel Gifts & Occupation materials with children in a modern setting (in classroom/homeschool and other environments). The content of the workshops will involve practical aspects of Gift Play, connections to the Occupations activities, the modern day use of the Mother Songs and movement games, as well as gardening and nature education. Attendees will work with experienced Froebel teachers and have many opportunities to play themselves. There will be many opportunities for networking and social interaction with other Froebelians.

Who should attend? This conference is aimed at a diverse and multidisciplinary audience, including art educators, math teachers, homeschooling parents, early childhood professors and practitioners, educational historians, and others. Attendance is extremely limited and early registration is encouraged.

The conference venue is the South San Francisco Conference Center, located close to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) with easy access to mass transit. You are welcome to use the New Learning Culture promo code to receive a $100 discount: NLCFUSA2012