In honor of Maria Montessori’s birthday, on August 31, my dear friend Sybille Tezzele Kramer, artist and homeschooling mom, created a wonderful poster for her !


Sybille’s description of her work:
At the center of the poster, you see a learning companion or mother with some children of various ages. She plays with the Montessori bead frame, and the child in her arm loves to participate! Scattered on the table are some Montessori wood numerals – that seem to interest the cat – and a few bead bars.

Another child is busy with the square roots board, while observing what others are doing. The child left (my favorite child in this picture ) daydreaming and cuddles with the cat. 
On the right we see a girl who chose her own resting place, focusing on a book.

A green moon shines from top reminding me of the Montessori Grammar Box with its crescent green moon symbol for prepositions.

Opposite the sun radiates from the Montessori seasonal cycles material with the colorful icons for each month.

On top, a rainbow bridge connects a small town, symbol for the inner world, with a field of flowers, symbol for the outer world.

In the flower field there is a girl happily contemplating the hanging Montessori multiplication beads.

On top left, two children are exploring a large snail which stands for ” learning at one’s own pace ” look .

Right and left there is a butterfly and a bird, because in Montessori education, there is sufficient space to grow wings!

I dedicate the poster to all who continue to love the spirit and knowledge of Maria Montessori!

If you like the poster, you can copy it and show it on your blog, Twitter or Facebook! Let’s celebrate Maria Montessori’s special day in this way!

With love,
Sybille Tezzele-Kramer
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Thank you, Sybille !