I am available to support families and homeschooling families with my expertise in child-centered education. In your home we can create wonderful child-directed play and learning opportunities. We can transform the area dedicated to play into a true learning oasis with lots of fun learning invitations. A well-prepared YES environment naturally supports your child’s emotional and cognitive development towards healing, flow experiences, and fulfilling learning moments.

During my in-home consultations I offer:

– Introductions to child-centered education regarding your child’s emotional and cognitive stages of development to help you develop a deep understanding of your child’s genuine needs and how you can meet them in the home

– Hands-on help with rearranging your existing play areas to enable your child to play and learn independently

– Choosing Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Froebel and other effective play and learning materials to naturally support literacy, numeracy, spacial and logical thinking as well as creativity and love for learning

– Providing introductions to new learning materials to help you create ongoing inspiration and intrinsically rewarding learning experiences

– Ongoing suggestions to help you update your play room and offer ever more inspiration as your child grows

– Arranging purposeful outdoor play and learning environments

– Setting healthy boundaries in a loving and effective way

– Advise for the family in all matters regarding your child’s education

 Please email for custom–made consultation packages that precisely address your family’s needs.

I look forward to supporting your family with the many tools of child-centered education.
Carmen Gamper