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"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."

— Maria Montessori
Pioneering Educator 1870-1952


"Carmen is bringing Montessori education to the next level."

"Carmen is exploring what this next generation of children really needs: complete faith in their capabilities and environments that nourish true authentic learning with joy."
— Vicki Abrams




Children are joyfully devoted to learning from birth onward.

Often their playful activities are self-directed learning processes.

The New Learning Culture approach nurtures the child's natural, self-directed zest for learning.

The New Learning Culture approach is based on Maria Montessori's original writings and Rebeca and Mauricio Wild's child-centered educational model which is currently used successfully in over 180 alternative schools across Europe.

Carmen Gamper provides the New Learning Culture Course & individual consulting for parents & educators preschool to highschool:
NLC School model for child-centered education
• Enrichment for Montessori and Waldorf schools
• Self-directed learning techniques and materials from Montessori, Rebeca Wild, Froebel, Freinet, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia education.

The NLC training is based on the cutting-edge sciences of epigenetics and neuro-cardiology, which acknowledge the significance of prepared environments and positive emotions during the learning process.

VIDEO: Enjoy the three minute video to learn more.

Who we are...

Carmen Gamper combines extensive academic training with experience and intuition to accompany parents and teachers towards child-centered joyful education. More about Carmen...

New Learning Culture Consulting provides guidelines for child-centered education. NLC is based on respect for the integrity of child and parent, healthy boundaries, and compassionate communication. More about New Learning Culture...

Carmen assists home-schooling groups wishing to establish an alternative learning place for their children. More for home-schooling parents...

Meeting your needs:

I invite you to get inspired on this website and blog, and consider all your possibilities as a parent and educator. My services for you include:

A) E-mail / Phone Consultations
B) Individual & Team Coaching
C) ONLINE Workshops and Playshops
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F) Opt-in and receive the FREE guide "5 Essential Elements for Successful Child-Directed Learning"


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