Integrating Montessori and Waldorf

Harmony Montessori in Mill Valley, Ca. is integrating elements from Waldorf in their Montessori-based structure.

Wilana Anderson, founder and inspired educator is doing a Waldorf training in addition to her Montessori teacher training, and together, we are finding ways to to offer children learning opportunities from each method.

Children are offered self-directed learning opportunities and guided lessons with materials from Montessori and Waldorf. The environment offers the basic Montessori preschool materials, such as the pink tower and the brown stairs.

Montessori Language materials:

Montessori botany leaf and flower cabinets:

Montessori science experiments:

Waldorf pretend play materials:

Waldorf dolls and fairy play houses:

Waldorf and Montessori complement each other in many ways, not only in the learning environment.

Teachers can hugely benefit from opening up to a variety of educational approaches. Each method has its genius.

You can use the tools of “Inspired Self-Directed Learning” to give guided lessons, foster independent learning and the nourish the intelligence of pretend play.

Come join us for a workshop at Harmony Montessori, April 29, 2010 7-9m. Please register here

With joy,
Carmen Gamper


  1. melanie

    OMG!!! I love this…I am a montessorian and have been dreaming of marrying these two philosophies for some time now….I would love to talk!!! Great work

    • Carmen Gamper

      Great! Let’s talk at the end of August, because I’m in Europe right now. My e-mail is if you would like to send me your phone#. Looking forward to our chat! Carmen

      • Honey

        Not to evesdrop or anything…but…I wanna talk too!!! 😉

        When Mon(tessori)(Wal)dorf (Attach)ment Parenting meet in our home…

        • Carmen Gamper

          Me too! Send me your phone number per e-mail, ok? Can’t wait! Carmen

  2. Honey

    Ahhh….my people! 🙂 Nice to meet another Mondorfment family/folk!

    When Mon(tessori)(Wal)dorf(Attach)ment Parenting meet in our home.

    • Carmen Gamper

      LOL ! I love it! Mondorfment family! Yes, indeed! I like your blog! Thanks for connecting! Carmen