Learning needs to be Free of Fear!

In our educational system, for various reasons, learning is very much connected to fear. Of course, there is little joy, where there is fear. Studies in neuro-cardiology have been proving: fear is an obstacle to deep, holistic learning, and the development of heart-based intelligence is hindered.

It does not need to be this way!

Children love to learn when we allow them to unfold according to their natural development and genuine age-appropriate needs and interests. We don’t need to scare them into learning for their future well-being. We can show them the beauty of math, the wonders of science, the magical tools of language, the infinite wisdom of nature, the supreme teachings of healthy boundaries in many different, joyful and child-friendly ways.

We have been creating a fear-based world because we were taught in fear-based ways. We can create a heart-based world, when we allow our children to learn in heart-based ways.

Let’s do it! Let’s look for creative solutions for a sustainable educational system.

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  1. Carolena

    Carmen is an inspiration for all of us! She IS the embodiment of the Sacred Child…gently sharing, teaching and allowing us to explore even things that would make us feel not so smart, even a bit stupid…she guides us to transform our resistance and obstacles into great surprise and delight- discovering, something forgotten…. uninhibited, non-judgemental , joy-filled, simple, natural learning!