Founded by parents and teachers in 1990, the Rebeca Wild based (RWB) school, Lernwerkstatt im Schloss Pottenbrunn near Vienna, Austria is a renowned, innovative school, recognized by the state of Austria.
It is located in a beautiful, ancient castle that is surrounded by a moat filled with water. David Meixner, an experienced teacher and  learning companion at this school, generously provided a few photos, that I’m excited to share with you here.

There are approximately 100 learners ages 6 to 16, and they are learning, playing, and growing together in environments  prepared for their genuine developmental needs.
Learners are supported by skilled learning companions who are available whenever children wish guidance, help and inspiration.f Christine [david m] (19)
There are no classrooms as we know them from traditional school, instead there are a great variety of  learning areas where learners move freely.
These play and learning areas are prepared for:
– Pretend and role play
– Mathematics
– Language and Cosmic Education
– Kitchen / cooking
– Carpentry
– Outdoor areas with trees, pond, and playground.
There are additional separate environments for middle school kids.

Lernwerkstatt PottenbrunnThe prepared environments provide endless play and learning opportunities and create the foundation for learning guided by curiosity and joy. Through their worry-free attitude towards learning children develop boundless creative intelligence, solution-finding skills, and open-mindedness.

f Christine [david m] (24)
Here, adults create an atmosphere of trust and emotional safety. They help children during naturally arising conflicts and transform them into learning opportunities for social skills and developing even deeper friendships. There is so much more to share about this exquisite school. You can go visit, get a tour and even spend a morning with the learners:

The innovative, heart-based practices at the Lernwerkstatt Pottenbrunn are inspired by Rebeca Wild. In order to facilitate creating schools like this all over the world I developed the New Learning Culture (NLC) school model.