Montessori and Waldorf in Common Ground Magazine

New Learning Culture Consulting collaborated with another inspired teacher to merge the Waldorf and Montessori approaches: Elizabeth Sidon, a Waldorf-trained teacher and co-editor of Common Ground Magazine, is founder of the “Elephant’s Garden”, a Waldorf-based preschool which includes elements from Montessori education. In addition to the beautiful Waldorf environment, children find first reading and counting teaching toys made of nature-materials and hands-on Montessori materials.

Together, we wrote an article for Common Ground Magazine. Our intention is to inspire educators towards using and providing tools and wisdom from both, Montessori and Waldorf.

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With joy,
Carmen Gamper & Team


  1. Carmen Gamper


    Thank you so much for your great response!!! Hooray to “Mondorfment”!!!
    Yes, please share the blog on your site! That’s great!!!
    I would love to get in touch and exchange thoughts and materials and with more Mondorfment folks!!!

    And, we, you and me, will hopefully chat on the phone soon!! I will try to reach you again 🙂

    Happy holidays!

  2. Honey

    Oh!!! I SO agree! We practice what I call Mondorfment and I blog about it. It stands for when Mon(tessori) (Wal)dorf (and Attachment) Parenting meet in our home.

    I do a LOT of the art, play and stories that comes from waldorf and the building of the sciences and language with Montessori. I LOVE montessori for the wonderful sensory,language,math and science materials that really appeal to independent,hands on learners. I LOVE waldorf for the community and the ‘gather round the hearth and listen to a tale’ and learn about math/science/language/etc.

    They both fill the void the other one leaves and creates this perfect pedagogy that meets the needs of ALL children. Lovely work. And, you’re totally right…children who do the best in school/life…are children who have involved parents that love and care and support their child’s individual needs.

    I’d love to share with my readers the article if you don’t mind. And, if you get a chance and wanna yammer away with a homeschoolin’ Mondorfment momma just holler ’cause I’d love to hear more of your experiences and thoughts of the two pedagogies. 🙂

    Too cool! You know…there are more of us Mondorfment folks out there…since I started my blog I’ve became friends with some and I’ve met a lot.

    Well…it looks like it’s really starting to snow here on the site…funny ’cause it’s snowing outside too!

    When Mon(tessori) (Wal)dorf (and Attach)ment Parenting meet in our home.