New Learning Culture at Green Fest San Francisco

New Learning Culture offered a booth at Green Fest San Francisco at the beginning of November 2010.

We presented a variety of hands-on learning materials from Montessori, Nikitin, Froebel and contemporary educators. The materials look like simple toys, board games and jigsaw puzzles, but are made for math and language skill development, spatial thinking, and sensory development. These materials fulfill the genuine need for deep understanding of subjects and concepts which are often only taught on paper.

Kids and parents enjoyed the materials alike! A few kids focused so deeply on a material, that they didn’t want to leave! A father asked his son: “Now, what do you prefer, this block game or your i-pod?” The seven-year-old boy said: “This block game!” Victory for hands-on learning 🙂

Adults were very interested as well, and explored the materials. Many of us have never had the opportunity to learn math and language with hands-on materials, even less in a self-directed way. While the children were mostly focusing on the materials, we were able to inspire parents and educators to use more hands-on materials and also self-directed learning techniques.

On both days, I gave a talk about hands-on and self-directed learning.

Many thanks to all the people who came by our booth and signed up for our e-mail list! Many thanks to Gustavo Alcantar for the great graphic design and the invaluable support at the booth! Many thanks to Katrina Zavalney for inviting New Learning Culture to Green Fest! Many thanks to Bryan Ting for organizing the kid’s zone.

Look for us at next spring’s Green fest April 2011. We hope to be there!!
Carmen Gamper

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  1. Nicole

    Wish I could have been there!!!