You can bring the New Learning Culture tools into your school and home by joining our online programs.

For Teachers, Educators, School Founders, and Parents:
Each one of us has unique gifts to offer children. Become a “learning companion” and find your own way to inspire, mentor, and nourish children.

The NLC Model in Preschool

• The NLC Model in Elementary and Middle School

Everyone who is enrolled in an NLC course will have access to the New Learning Culture graduates group on Facebook. This allows participants to connect and exchange information and resources with like-minded people all over the world.

Here’s what NLC course participants say…

“This has been a wonderful transforming experience. I did not know this course would delve deeply into my own experience with life and school. Enabling me to surmount obstacles and grow at a tremendous rate. Thank you!”
Patrick Lee, St. Cruz, CA

“When I first discovered the New Learning Culture, it sounded like a dream come true. I was considering Montessori certification at the time, but the courses I found seemed too focused on the classroom materials and not enough on the child. Then I found Carmen. Her insights are grounded in years of research, experience, and natural ability. She has synthesized the work of brilliant educational philosophers, in a way that is accessible and adaptable. The content of the course is substantial, with many readings, videos, exercises, and links to supplement the information she provides. This course has offered invaluable depth to my education. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been or loved a child! Endless gratitude.”
— DeeDee Orlando, Tacoma, WA

“Truly transformative work, very organized, and offers details to help expand awareness and intuition in education and in life.”
— Chelsea Cooley, CA

“I feel very inspired and motivated by Carmen’s style of teaching. Her concrete examples have a deep impact on my work with children.”
— Nancy N, San Mateo, CA. US