The concept of an education centered upon the care of the living being alters all previous ideas. Resting no longer on a curriculum, or a timetable, education must conform to the facts of human life.
— Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)

The NLC course introduces a complete school model that is –in similar form– currently successfully practiced in hundreds of preschools in Europe. This training helps you explore how to share your unique teaching gifts with children in authentic, efficient, and respectful ways. You can use the complete NLC model or selected elements to enrich your educational approach.

This NLC course is for you if..
  • You are a preschool founder, director, or teacher
  • You are a parent and plan to start –or are part of– a playgroup or homeschooling group
  • You want to offer new or additional free play and non-invasive learning opportunities in your existing program
  • You seek effective ways to enrich your skills as a teacher (ideal for Montessori teachers)
Participants learn how to..
  • Nourish children on their paths as self-directed learners
  • Create inspiring hands-on learning environments
  • Enrich a child’s natural drive for learning with hands-on learning materials and non-invasive teaching
  • Guide children’s social skill development through kindness and healthy boundaries
Summary of Course Curriculum
  1. The New Learning Culture (NLC) school model: principles and components
  2. The NLC preschool in practice with photographs from the European, Rebeca Wild-inspired schools
  3. Inspiration from alternative education: Elements and tools from Maria Montessori, Rebeca Wild, the Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf Education, Friedrich Froebel, Nature Education and others
  4. Creating inspiring, hands-on learning and play environments for child-directed learning including activity centers for pretend play, movement, sensorial development, basic mathematics, language, arts and crafts, and music.
  5. Providing, buying, crafting hands–on learning materials from Montessori, Froebel, Hengstenberg, and others
  6. Setting the tone for learning and flow experiences
  7. Healthy boundaries and house rules
  8. Becoming a genuine needs detective and developing strategies to meet genuine needs
  9. The significance of imagination and spontaneous play, and how to skillfully accompanying spontaneous play
  10. Natural child development and spontaneous learning
  11. Non-invasive teaching in individual lessons and activity circles
  12. Connecting with the inner child and self-care
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 What participants say…

“I value so much what you taught me. I love your philosophy and approach in education. Keep up the good work! The world needs more of this for our children!”
— Stery Zajak, The Jewish Montessori, Los Angeles, California

“The NLC Training offers an expansive and comprehensive vision of child-directed learning. I am very inspired.”
— Margaret Hirsh, Montessori Teacher, California

“I am so grateful to be part of the NLC training with Carmen Gamper. Carmen is truly a talent and gift to children, families, and education. Her program has awakened my understanding of childhood education, childhood behavior, my inner child and responsibility. It is one of the best investments I have made for myself, my daughter, and our future generations.”
— Mar Oscategui, Parent Educator, Ojai, California

Carmen’s training has given me many invaluable insights into how to support self-guided learning, build trust and mutual respect with children, and to allow learning to be natural and joyful. Already I can see the impact on my work with children, and both I and the children find our time together more relaxed and fulfilling.”
— Noelle Marquis, Nature Educator and Mother, Fairfax, California

In the photo you see “The Golden Beads,” a useful Montessori system created to facilitate learning about the decimal system and basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). On the shelf below are pretend-play toys used in Waldorf preschools. In the NLC model, children can choose to play with Montessori materials and pretend-play toys. Among many other topics, in this program, we will explore how play and learning can go hand in hand in prepared environments.