The concept of an education centered upon the care of the living being alters all previous ideas. Resting no longer on a curriculum, or a timetable, education must conform to the facts of human life.
— Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)

The New Learning Culture (NLC) online training introduces a complete school model for sustainable, student-led education, and is designed for teachers and parents who wish to nourish children’s innate capacity and willingness to learn. It is based on the best practices of child-centered education and on Rebeca Wild’s child-centered educational model, currently used in hundreds of alternative schools across Europe.

Participants learn how to:

  • Create inspiring hands-on learning environments
  • Craft, buy and use hands-on learning materials from Montessori and others
  • Provide child-friendly lessons and practice non-invasive teaching
  • Guide children’s social skill development through kindness and healthy boundaries

This NLC course is for you:

  • You are a school founder, director, or teacher
  • You seek effective ways to enrich your skills as a teacher (ideal for Montessori teachers)
  • You are a parent and plan to start –or are part of– a homeschooling group
  • You want to offer new and additional free play and non-invasive, academic learning opportunities in your existing program

Summary of Course Curriculum:

  1. The New Learning Culture (NLC) school model: principles and components
  2. The NLC Elementary and Middle School in practice with photographs from the European, Rebeca Wild-inspired schools
  3. Inspiration from alternative education: Elements and tools from Maria Montessori, Rebeca Wild, the Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf Education, Friedrich Froebel, Mindfulness in Education, Nature Education and others
  4. Creating inspiring, hands-on learning environments for child-directed learning in elementary and middle schools, including activity centers for language development, mathematics, arts and crafts, music, spontaneous play, movement, sensorial development, and practical life skills.
  5. Providing, crafting, buying hands–on learning materials for all parts of the K-8 curriculum, including Montessori materials to simplify mathematics
  6. Setting the tone for learning and flow experiences
  7. Progress assessment and the checklist curriculum
  8. Healthy boundaries and house rules
  9. Being a learning companion
  10. Becoming a genuine needs detective and developing strategies to meet genuine needs
  11. The significance of imagination and spontaneous play, and how to skillfully accompany  free play
  12. Natural child development and spontaneous learning
  13. Non-invasive teaching and child-friendly academics: Opt-in lessons and study teams
  14. Connecting with the inner child and self-care

Contact us to receive the detailed NLC course program.

Course duration:
4 months / 16 one-hour online live sessions with Carmen
– Each week we discuss an essential element of successful child-directed learning
– Weekly deepening assignments
– Crafting and practicing with hands-on learning materials for math and language development

Public courses start each time 10 participants are registered.
Private courses can start anytime. –

$1,100 / Payment plans available ($275 per month)
Participants receive the New Learning Culture Course Certificate.

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 What participants say…

“This course has opened up my eyes to new ways of being in the classroom. It inspires me to create opportunities and spaces that support, nurture, and honor children’s natural learning processes.”
— Joy Gallina, Public School Teacher, California

“I have been actively endorsing the NLC Online Course and have been speaking about it to many people who I meet. Truly transformative work, very organized and offers details to help expand awareness and intuition in education and in life.”
— Chelsea Cooley, Artist and Energy Healer, USA

This has been a wonderful transforming experience. I did not know this course would delve deep into my own experience with life and school. Enabling me to surmount obstacles and grow at tremendous rates. Thank you!”    
— Patrick Lee, Councilor, California

Carmen is a master in waking up the creative forces in children and in adults, and helping them on their individual path to their full potential.”
— Elisabeth Viertler, Pediatrician, Italy