Learning with joy is playful by its own nature. It wouldn’t make sense to expect mastery from a beginner. A novice has the right to make mistakes, to try the same thing over and over again, to learn from his/her own mistakes, self-correct, feel the joy of the first successful steps. When learning is fueled by free will, curiosity and enthusiasm a learning processes can start effortlessly and playfully. So, please don’t expect mastery from yourself or your children…enjoy the learning process. If the joy of learning is kept alive, relentless attempts are the natural consequence and can eventually lead to mastery.

The basic principles of inspired self-directed learning help you feel good about your child playing, because it becomes clear that he/she is actually developing intelligence on many levels:

For example, nurtured pretend play and dramatic play is truly the natural development of representational skills, symbol recognition, oral language, narrative understanding, logic, strategic thinking, self-regulation and social skills. Most of all, pretend play is the child’s way of processing emotions and experiences which would otherwise create tension in the body and actually might develop into obstacles to learning.

Read more about it in my handbook “The Sacred Child Companion. Handbook for Inspired Self-Directed Learning”.