Available in English, Italian, and German

” The Rights of Children in School”
“I diritti dei bambini a scuola”
“Die Rechte von Schulkindern”

This poster was created in collaboration with Sybille Tezzele-Kramer, teacher extraordinaire, former school founder and homeschooling mother of two boys. Check out her magical art and amazing homeschooling tools:









All the children have the right to do the following:

  1. Go to the toilet when needed.
  2. Have drinking water available.
  3. Move the body when needed.
  4. Learn to take care of personal needs.
  5. Learn and process emotions through play.
  6. Learn through exploration, trial, and error.
  7. Make mistakes and not be judged or shamed.
  8. Learn at a personal pace.
  9. Fully understand a subject before being tested.
  10. Not to be tested involuntarily. Instead, share knowledge by free choice, only when ready to receive feedback on learning progress.
  11. Not to be punished. Instead, children should be respectfully encouraged to become more self-disciplined.
  12. Not to be compared with peers. Instead, acknowledged as an individual student with individual talents, opinions, and characteristics.
  13. Not to be judged for being different.