Flow To Learn: A 52-Week Parent’s Guide to Recognize and Support Your Child’s Flow State – the Optimal Condition for Learning

Author / Carmen Gamper

FLOW TO LEARN is an uplifting, illustrated Parent’s Guide featuring 52 Weeks of practical suggestions and compassionate insights for creating independent play and learning opportunities for children at home. ‘Flow stations’ help children focus on their activity, which frees up parents’ time while boosting children’s love for learning, creativity, and well-being. Flow To Learn also helps you see children as guides to your own flow state, enrich your daily life at home, and reconnect with the superpowers of your inner child.

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The Flow Discovery Journal and Coloring Book: 60 Days to Explore, Write & Color Your World

Author / Carmen Viktoria Gamper
Illustrator / Sybille Kramer

Children ages 6 to 106: Enter the delightful world of the Flow Discovery Journal and find your flow..

The Flow Discovery Journal is a 60-day writing journal, activity book, and coloring book. It encourages children to explore their surroundings and experience the flow state of optimal learning away from screens. The Flow Discovery Journal also invites grown-ups to play and remember the curiosity and fun they had as a child. Get to know each other better and build deeper trust and connection with children while engaging with the inspiring questions and explorations each day for two months.

Do you think a book can be a friend?
Yes, it can!

Dive into the Flow Discovery Journal and
meet FDJ, your new friend who is incredibly curious
and wants to know everything about you!
What would you do on the best day of your life?
Which instruments would you like to play?
Where would you like to walk barefoot?

FDJ is also smart and will show you some fascinating things. You will discover sun dials, labyrinths, multiplication tricks, and so much more!

Get your pencils ready, and set out on an exciting expedition into the world that’s inside you, and all around you!

Coming soon…

A Visual Introduction to the New Learning Culture

Onsite photographs take readers on an inspiring journey through hands-on learning environments prepared for student-directed learning. Child-centered, Rebeca-Wild-inspired schools from preschool to high school, throughout Europe and in the United States, are illustrated in full-color pictures depicting the day-to-day life of students and learning companions.

Reinventing Education to Create Schools that Learners, Teachers and Parents Love

The New Learning Culture Guide Book provides a complete blueprint for parents and teachers who trust children’s natural willingness and capacity for learning. Drawing from her own experience as a director of two child-centered schools, Carmen Gamper has compiled a collection of best practices from Europe, US, and South America, unifying her knowledge and experience into a practical template for child-centered education in the 21st century.

The book demonstrates:

  • How to provide non-invasive teaching techniques and student-friendly lessons, allowing children to remain connected to their inner guidance, truly fulfilling their genuine needs.
  • How to offer hands-on learning materials covering pre/K through 8th grade curriculum, as well as additional student-directed learning techniques for high school.
  • How unconditional love for our youngsters can be put into practice, thereby transforming parents and teachers into learning companions.

Completing the tool-set for the New Learning Culture approach, several guest authors contribute their wisdom: Daniel Rechtschaffen for Mindfulness in Education, Sybille Tezzele-Kramer for child-friendly academics, Julie Johnston for nature education, Scott Bultman for the Froebel approach, Iva Tashlick to introduce the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and the inspiring voices of many students and teachers from the European Rebeca-Wild-inspired schools.

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