The Natural Rights of Children #4 THE RIGHT TO DIALOGUE

I am participating in the initiative by Giorno per Giorno and support the MANIFESTO of the “Natural Rights of the Child”.

4) THE RIGHT TO DIALOGUE. Being allowed to participate in adult’s conversations, and to be heard ”

We need to be more aware of the presence of children. Often we talk about a child as if he/she wasn’t in the room, even though they are right next to us. We assume children don’t understand, don’t listen, or are not interested. However, quite the opposite is true. Children often listen very carefully to adult’s conversations, most of all, when we are speaking about them!

Many children grow up feeling invisible, and keep this feeling into adulthood. It’s not true. Everybody counts. Everybody has a voice that contributes to the whole.

Let’s compromise on our topics when children are in the room, and include them as well as possible into our conversations. Children’s age-specific wisdom might sound silly to us sometimes, however, when we allow ourselves to see the world with children’s eyes, many things children say, will start making a lot of sense.

With joy,
Carmen Gamper

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  1. moadams

    well articulated. i couldn’t agree more. pls visit my blog if you wish