After two years of full-time writing, closely collaborating with a stellar on-the-job-trained parenting expert, several editors, and a delightful book illustrator, Sybille Kramer, my first book is finally available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingrams as print and eBook.

FLOW TO LEARN: A 52-Week Parent’s Guide to Recognize and Support Your Child’s Flow State –the Optimal Condition for Learning.

Flow To Learn is an uplifting, illustrated parent’s guide offering 52 weeks filled with practical suggestions and compassionate insights for creating independent play and learning opportunities for children at home.
Using practical, evidence-based tools from the fields of child development, psychology, and child-centered education, readers are guided step-by-step through the creation of simple hands-on activity stations that boost children’s love for learning. In these prepared environments, children naturally experience flow, the deeply focused, fulfilling state scientifically proven to be the optimal condition for learning.
Creating flow-friendly learning opportunities at home frees up parents’ time while strengthening children with spaces that support their inherent talents, creativity, and wide-ranging intelligence.

Flow To Learn also helps parents see children as guides to accessing their own flow states, which brings more joy and purpose into life, and also helps develop a deeper understanding of and relationship with their child.

Each of the 52 weeks/chapters is divided into two parts. First, reflections and information about flow are shared. This is followed by practical suggestions, “TRY THIS,” on how to facilitate flow in life with children. Some weeks include authentic, inspiring, and encouraging insights from a mother who incorporates the flow-parenting approach with her family.

When adults allow children to be in flow, they provide access to the child’s potential of mastery. Proficiency takes more than thinking, reading, hearing about, or just wanting something. Advanced skill levels take practice, and the most powerful, effective practice is done during activities that children choose for themselves.

Flow To Learn helps parents to..

✩ Support the flow state in children to help them grow and thrive.

✩ Create a home, a sanctuary, where you and your children love to spend time, find fulfilling activities, and can replenish from school and work.

✩ Create spaces and choose toys and learning materials that help children drop into flow states.

✩ Debunk current myths in education, including the overuse of rewards and the erroneous expectations of academic rigor in early grades.

✩ Help children process their time at school and other potentially stressful experiences with tension-release supports.

✩ Nurture mutual respect between you and your child.

✩ Reinvigorate your own life with flow experiences.