––Preschools, elementary, and middle schools––
Dear Teachers, School Directors, Principles, Founders, and Educators,

As a former teacher and educational director of two innovative schools, I intimately understand the challenges of offering child-centered environments. – I am convinced of the outstanding benefits of a child-based approach, so long as specific basic guidelines are implemented.

My passion is to assist educators and parents with my experience, tools, and know-how and help establish long-lasting, thriving learning places. Consulting is customized to your school community’s specific needs.

I offer advice and consulting to directors, principles, and educators, and workshops for teachers and parents of a school community.


Design of your child-led learning environments
Together we prepare your custom hands-on learning environments for early or grade math, language, foreign languages, arts and crafts, educational play, pretend play, movement, and practical skills development.

•Providing hands-on learning materials
Learn how to offer and use hands-on learning materials from Montessori, Froebel, Steiner, Rebeca Wild, and other innovative educators so that you can use them in your preschool and grade school environments.

Offering child-led learning successfully
The more freedom teachers allow at a school, the more they need to be clear about structure and boundaries. This package will help your team of teachers define structure and boundaries within which learners and educators feel safe and inspired to play, teach, and learn in a state of flow.

• Setting healthy boundaries effectively
Once teachers are clear about boundaries, they can create opportunities for teaching social skills by communicating boundaries efficiently and respectfully. Explore the many alternatives to punishment and reward methods.

• Using NLC non-invasive teaching methods
Explore a variety of NLC non-invasive teaching methods based on Maria Montessori, Rebeca Wild, and other educators to provide individual and small group lessons.

• Setting teachers up for collaboration
Enhance team collaboration and communication skills through play, empathy, and increased awareness of the inner child in everyone.

Introducing parents to the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of child-led education
I offer an introductory talk and Q/A for your parent community to create a deeper understanding of child development and children’s natural ways of learning.

Co-creating or rewriting your school’s mission statement
I help with the creation or revision of your mission statement to include essential information about child-led learning, non-invasive teaching, and child-friendly academics.

I consider it an honor to advise and help you with your school’s mission. Please contact me personally if you would like to schedule a free phone call to discuss your school’s needs.

Carmen Gamper