Would you put a flower in the fridge?

In my Montessori teacher training, a student asked one of the teachers: Shouldn’t children be exposed to hardship to get used to the reality of life?
The teacher answered with a question:
Would you put a flower in the fridge to help it get used to the Winter?

Our answer was of course, NO! We would nurture the flower, water it, expose it to sunshine, protect it from pests and help it get strong for the Winter. Don’t you think we should do the same with children?

Instead of creating unnecessary hardships for children, we need to nurture them best we can. Life will bring hardships in its own time, and then a child will be strong and feel ready to overcome any obstacle.


  1. Sybille

    Love that post, dear Carmen!!

  2. Mali Apple

    Insightful, Carmen!